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Train For You Package


Train For You 

Finding the time to train your dog consistently is really hard.

Maybe you just don’t have enough hours in the day to do all you need to do to make sure you are addressing your dog’s unwanted behaviours.

And you can just feel you are not doing enough.


I’ll come and take your dog from your home to focus on teaching them the life skills they may be lacking to thrive.

I’ll tackle issues such as pulling on the lead, coming back when called, socialisation and more.​


Alternatively, if your dog needs to stay home because they find it all too overwhelming, I can offer enrichment sessions in your home which will keep your dog happy and stimulated.


I have worked with hundreds of people and their dogs, and I understand that a bit more consistency can be a game-changer.


I am a positive reinforcement-based trainer, qualified by the IMDT and APDT, and I am constantly investing in more and more education in order to offer the best possible approach to your situation.


Here is what you get with my train for you packages:

  • £60 per 1 hour session or £35 for 1/2 hour

  • 8 sessions per month

  • Minimum 2 month commitment 

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