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Scent Detection for pet dogs - Beginners Workshop
Saturday 20/05 (9am-12pm) and 10/06 (3-6pm) - Epsom - FULL

Do you want your dog to listen to you, to be happier, stress 

free, and mentally stimulated? So get started teaching them

how to use their nose in our brand new workshop.

Scent detection is amazing and have so many benefits:

  • It gives dogs a job so that they won't go 'self-employed'.

  • Gives them a physical workout! Yes, only 10 minutes of
    sniffing can really tire them out.

  • Releases feel good hormones in their brains.

  • Is suitable to all dogs: puppies, older dogs, worried dogs...

  • Is like meditation to our furry friends!

I am a Bronze Scent Detection Instructor, with UK Sniffer Dogs, and I am offering this workshop, covering part 1 and 2 of bronze level scent detection. The workshop is run over two Saturdays, and each day will last approximately 3 hours. No previous experience is necessary and it is suitable for all ages.

Cost for workshop (includes both sessions plus a mini scent kit) - £150.

Maximum number of participants - 4 dogs + handlers

Joining instructions with all details on what to bring and location will be sent after booking and payment.

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Dog after scent training workshop
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