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Scent Detection for pet dogs -
1-1 packages and four week courses
UK Sniffer Dog Logo, with a german Shepard dog sniffing a black drain pipe

Do you want your dog to listen to you?

To to be happier, stress-free and mentally stimulated?


Get started by teaching them how to use their nose in our brand new workshop.

Scent detection is amazing and can have so many benefits:

  • It gives dogs a job so that they won't go 'self-employed'

  • Gives them a physical workout! Yes, only 10 minutes of sniffing can really tire them out

  • Releases feel good hormones in their brains

  • Is suitable for all dogs: puppies, older dogs, worried dogs...

  • Can be just like meditation to our furry friends!

I am a Bronze Level Scent Detection Instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs, and I am offering 1-1 packages and six week courses, covering part 1 and 2 of Bronze Level Scent Detection.

1-1 Packages:

  • Bronze Level Series 1 - 3 X 45min sessions in the comfort of your home - £150

  • Bronze Level Series 2 - 3 X 45min sessions in the comfort of your home - £150

Course covering Bronze series 1 and 2:

  • Duration - four weeks

  • Start date - 18/04

  • Time: 6.45pm

  • Location: Epsom

  • Maximum number: 4 dogs

  • Price: £200

Joining instructions with all details on what to bring and location will be sent after booking and payment.

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