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Hi, I'm Diana

I love working with first time puppy parents, and I’ve helped hundreds of them around Epsom on their journey to build the best relationship with their new family member.


Getting a new puppy is an incredibly rewarding experience and lots fun. However, it can also be overwhelming. You may even find yourself questioning and regretting your decision to bring in a new family member in your home.

Take a deep breath.


I can help you and I will never judge you or your puppy. I know how difficult having a new dog can be at first. Understanding your new puppy’s behaviour and learning what is ‘normal’ or not can be confusing. It’s also important to have realistic expectations.

The key area I focus on is relationship building.


With my bespoke training, you will finally understand your puppy, their body language, how to be gentle but also get your puppy to behave the way that fits with your lifestyle.


Your confidence will grow, and you will have all the tools you need to live your best life with your dog.

But I don’t only work with puppies - I can help dogs of all ages with personalised training plans.

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Diana de Moura Stewart

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